February 10, 2012

What a story may become! Macabre by Michael L. Kersting

Not so long ago, I published a free story here on Floating Robes. It was Macabre by Michael L. Kersting. If you've missed it, click here!

Recently, Michael sent me this e-mail:

"Hi Marcel, thanks for publishing my short story "Macabre" on your site "Floating Robes"! The synopsis was well written. I appreciate it. I forgot to mention it was also recorded by "Skive Magazine" publisher Matt Ward on PRX. See below and perhaps you will want to hear it. Well thanks again, and have a Happy and Prosperous new year 2012.! Michael Lance Kersting"

I love the fact that things get a follow-up and this was a very nice surprise. Of course, we wish Michael all the best for the future.

Michael's Audio Story

If you have a story, you'd like to see published, please do not hesitate to sent it in. I can't offer you anything except a few extra pageviews, but it may be a nice way to find a home for those shelfed stories.



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