September 28, 2011

WTF Movie of the Week: John Dies at the End!

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Okay, probably not an indie flick, but already one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 (at least by me) is the comic book adaptation of John Dies at the End. Originally appearing as a web comic by David Wong, it's now also available through Amazon. AND... as a movie in 2012, starring Chase Williamson and Clancy Brown.

The idea is that two guys take a highly suspect drug which seriously alters the way they see the world, but also unleash certain paranormal forces from another dimension. Dave, 'our hero' and his friend John do their best to stop the evil forces, but, honestly, their not really hero-material.

If this strikes you as lame or far-fetched, please have a look at the trailer and remember... here at Floating Robes we honour the truly creative writer. This is something no-one has ever done before and probably never will again.

Official Site



September 25, 2011

Free Story: Grandma Bixby's Teeth by Harris Tobias

Those of you who keep returning here despite my sometimes frankly pointless banter, will recognize the name of Harris Tobias as being a frequent contributor to Floating Robes. He is also one of my favorite self-publishing contemporaries in the field of horror and humour. And, more importantly, the combination of the both.

Grandma Bixby's Teeth is a wonderful example of the Tobias' talent. In an almost off-hand manner he unfolds a story of horrific teenage violence and sweet, poetic justice delivered with a punchline that'll keep you grinning for hours after The End.

I was fortunate enough to sample the story about a year ago and I'm truly honoured to have it appear on Floating Robes. It is definitely one of my favorites in the genre. I hope it will bring as much joy to you as it did to me the first time I read it.


Harris Tobias' blog

September 22, 2011

BACK! Now with 10% less seriousness! Send me your worst!

Yes, I know, low even
for me!
Yes People!

After a month of radio silence, I'm back to blogging! I could bore you to death with the stories of yestermonth, but I won't. Instead let's just dive into the good shit!

Besides all the worries that come with getting married, I've been wondering where to go with Floating Robes... 

Most blog-teaching-sites say that you will find your true voice after 80 posts or so! Well, since this is my 90th post, it is high time to find mine!

So, as of today Floating Robes will focus more on funny horror, dark humour, rire jaune, black comedy, Schadenfreude or whatever you want to call it in your own language. 

And that means you! Because we need more independent writing, cartoons, comics, short films and the like. Times are tough enough as they are! Type in dark humour in Google and precious little is coming up! So send me your satirical brain children, your grotesque comedy and bloody jokes. I swear I'll treat them with respect!

Send them to and I'll drop you a line back!

Looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you!


Ps: Picture courtesy of Tentaclii Lovecraft Blog which now also belongs to my favorites!
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