September 25, 2011

Free Story: Grandma Bixby's Teeth by Harris Tobias

Those of you who keep returning here despite my sometimes frankly pointless banter, will recognize the name of Harris Tobias as being a frequent contributor to Floating Robes. He is also one of my favorite self-publishing contemporaries in the field of horror and humour. And, more importantly, the combination of the both.

Grandma Bixby's Teeth is a wonderful example of the Tobias' talent. In an almost off-hand manner he unfolds a story of horrific teenage violence and sweet, poetic justice delivered with a punchline that'll keep you grinning for hours after The End.

I was fortunate enough to sample the story about a year ago and I'm truly honoured to have it appear on Floating Robes. It is definitely one of my favorites in the genre. I hope it will bring as much joy to you as it did to me the first time I read it.


Harris Tobias' blog

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