February 10, 2012

What a story may become! Macabre by Michael L. Kersting

Not so long ago, I published a free story here on Floating Robes. It was Macabre by Michael L. Kersting. If you've missed it, click here!

Recently, Michael sent me this e-mail:

"Hi Marcel, thanks for publishing my short story "Macabre" on your site "Floating Robes"! The synopsis was well written. I appreciate it. I forgot to mention it was also recorded by "Skive Magazine" publisher Matt Ward on PRX. See below and perhaps you will want to hear it. Well thanks again, and have a Happy and Prosperous new year 2012.! Michael Lance Kersting"

I love the fact that things get a follow-up and this was a very nice surprise. Of course, we wish Michael all the best for the future.

Michael's Audio Story

If you have a story, you'd like to see published, please do not hesitate to sent it in. I can't offer you anything except a few extra pageviews, but it may be a nice way to find a home for those shelfed stories.



February 6, 2012

The Best of Floating Robes!

Don't worry, we'll start at ten!
After two years of blogging and receiving lots of e-mails, comments, pageviews, hits, click-throughs, backlinks and what not, I've found there are a couple of posts that still garner interest, even after it has disappeared of the blog roll long ago.

So, back by dope demand:

10) Bag of Bones for Sale - I found this on the Internet one day when I was looking for a skull which was to be the cover of my book Beneath Dark Waters. It just seemed funny and a testament that you can find anything on the internet.

9) WTF Movie of the Week: Event Horizon! - Not so old, yet, but well on it's way to become one of the classics. Since it's introduction in 2011, the WTF Movie of the Week has proven a big hit. It allows me put hidden horror gems (or good movies lacking an enormous marketing budget) in the limelight where they belong. I'm happy you feel the same.

8) The Making of 'Beneath Dark Waters' - I'm happy this is included here. My little behind-the-scenes treatise of my first self-published book was a joy for me to write since it deals with the place I grew up in. It gave me a chance to explain some of the characters and landscape I know so well. If you haven't read it yet, do it. It'll give the book an extra dimension.

7) Just plain cool wedding cakes! - A fun post done when my wife and I were checking for cool designs for our wedding cake. Most of these are around on the internet and if you get your girlfriend to order one of these, please let me know where I went wrong!

6) Real life ghosts - Written in a time I wasn't exactly sure what Floating Robes was going to be, this is one of the classics. It just keeps popping up every now and again. They're freaky pics, though. Goose bumps guaranteed.

5) Ten most inspirational horror songs - Inspired by my playlist while running two years ago, this is my personal list of beloved horror songs. I'm happy a lot of you agree! I was surprised by the amount of feedback I got on this one. I always thought I was the only one with Murder in the Red Barn on nr. 1.

4) Welcome to the circus. Juggling a home life, day job, writing career and hobbies all at one! - A bit of a personal post, it deals with my life in 2010. It hasn't changed much. But now I know that I'm not the only one.

3) Top Ten Short Stories of Horror Literature! - My first blog hit! An enormous amount of replies and feedback. Apparently I hit a nerve. I love short literature (both writing and reading) and I'm happy I'm not the only one!

2) Doing what you want: not always easy! - Again a personal post that hit it big. It deals with the running-up to my first publication and the real importance in writing: just having fun! Once again, find your own voice and don't bother with what other people say! Only then will you find that one different voice that everybody's looking for.

1) 10 Tips for the Succesful Integration of Zombies in Human Society - Written after watching an episode of the Walking Dead, it was a joke that went horribly right! The next day I had a big number of backlinks and a couple of good comments, among which 'Hahahaha' and 'LOL'. And that makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

And that's it for now. I hope there will be many more in the future and I hope in two years time, the list will look somewhat different. You can make that happen!

Take Care,

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