June 2, 2012

Zombie Spectacular: We Are What We Eat!

So... every once in a while a blogger gets an e-mail containing a new idea, a new book, new short story, new movie, new something. And even fewer times the idea actually is very cool. Such is the case with the new zombie spectacular We Are What We Eat.

We Are What We Eat is a short film centering around Nicole, a high school girl that, after a disturbing 'joke' on her way back from school, wonders if her best friend has become a zombie and, since she has a weird wound on her leg, is she will become a zombie as well.

The crew shot most of the film in 2 days (a staggering 220 shots), but except for a couple of awkward shots and could-have-been-better line delivery, the film does not show the rush. The pacing is fast, the camera work is good and the acting is decent. The awkward shots are basically caused by a desire to find new and interesting point-of-views and in most cases they succeed wonderfully, which makes for the few times they don't.

The film's first screening was on April 27th in Seattle for the NFFTY (that's National Film Festival for Talented Youth, for those of you not familiar with this acronym) and then was invited to play it on the Zombie Voodoo Festival all over the US of A! Since that first screening, Darien has secured major screenings all over the place! Check it out here. There maybe one near you.

Darien Davis and Sam Toller are two very young, but very talented men who have put together this amazing short that is gathering momentum quickly and will probably catapult the two into the movie-making industry. If you get a chance to go and see their film during one of the upcoming screenings, I would highly recommend you do so.

In the meantime, check them out at the We Are What We Eat Blog!

Yours truly, as always, Marcel

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