December 17, 2010

I'm back! And with a new free story!

Original Artwork by Bhim Boyer -
This is actually work for an
upcoming story, but it works
well with this one.
After spending a week in writing limbo, caught between the first draft and the second one, I'm back to blogging! And, as promised, I present to you a whole new story!

I'm particularly proud of this one! I thought it up on a sleepless night in Fort William, Scotland. I scribbled it down in maybe 20 minutes flat before falling asleep, but it was my second publication in Holland SF. Maybe one day it'll end up in an anthology somewhere, but for now it's pretty good on its own.

Short story - On a cold and dark night I watched from the shadows as the monster descended upon yet another innocent victim...

Open publication - Free publishing - More beneath

Below you'll find some more links to my free stories:

Simple Things - A man finds out his neighborhood children are not as innocent as he thinks.
Small Evils - A group of youngsters is heavily tested when their true natures come out.

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