August 4, 2011

No blogging for awhile; Wedding near!

It's an alien wedding cake!
Okay people,

Sorry to say that it's proving harder and harder to put the wedding together, work at my day job AND updating Floating Robes. So, I'm putting it on hold at least until after the wedding. After that, I hope to be more relaxed and to have more time to dedicate to my writing and the blog.

Hope you'll understand.

In the meantime, here are some blogs of contemporaries I feel are a great asset to the writing trade...

Take care!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aww thank you for including me on your list of notables :D But most importantly congrats on your wedding! I'm sure it will be a happy occasion. Here's to the future *clinks virtual chardonnay*!

Anyways, not blogging with blogger anymore. I'm working on a personal website.

I will continue to pop my head in and comment. I still have you on my list of faves. Good luck!

Marcel Admiraal said...

Hey thx for the congrats! And send me the address of your new website. I'll mention the opening (if it's not online already).



Nixon said...

Nice post :) I have really enjoyed your interesting blog. Great Job !!!

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