November 6, 2011

Shameless Selfpromotion: Resurrection of a Broken Mind!

Yes, people, the game is on! My short story Resurrection of a Broken Mind is out now! Available on Amazon MP3, iTunes and CDBaby!

It's all about Peter Holleweg, a reclusive young man diagnosed with schizophrenia. He lives in a draughty old house by the railroad tracks. The only one who seems to notice him is his psychic neighbour. When one night she breaks into his house, Peter learns exactly where his bizarre visions are coming from. And how to stop them...

I'm really happy with the way this story turned out and what a great job Scottish artist Alan Ballany did of reading it. I loved the way my characters came alive once he read the dialogues. And I thank him for his input for my use of the English language.

The story itself has been likened to Clive Barker's Book of Blood and one reader said: "Marcel Admiraal has taken the ghost story up a notch from spooky to literature. Extremely well written and beautifully read, this story is a joy to listen to. Admiraal's descriptive detail transports the listener into the story which builds in intensity until the shattering climax. This was time well spent."

What else there to say? Enjoy!


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