November 27, 2011

Writers Resources

Hello everybody!

Lately I've been getting frequent e-mails from people asking me where they can submit their story to be published. For money or for fame. Others ask me where they can submit for book reviews of their indie book or if I'd do a bit of marketing for them.

So, I've put together a short list of writers resources and put them on Floating Robes. You'll find them at the top of the page.

Since the list is still short (and by no means complete) I've also added them below.

I will frequently update this collection and put the most prominent of them in the Writers Resources section on the right side of the homepage.

I hope they will help you somewhat.

Submission openings 

- Dark Markets - frequently showing openings for submissions to various magazines. Specialized in horror.
- Duotrope's Digest - wonderful search engine for short fiction submissions. Dark or otherwise.
- Horror Tree - Great list of openings for submissions with frequent updates. Specialized in horror.
- Writers Market - List of magazines which are open for submissions. It looks dated, but it's still good.

Forums and communities

- Bookreaders Forum
- Book and Reader Forum
- Indie Horror
- Authors Den - community for all sorts of writers. Has a forum and an online bookstory which sells indie books.


- Liz $1 Reviews - Funny girl who Twitters about your blog for a day for $1. Gain some extra publicity.


- International Aeon Award - Annual short fiction contest. Opens for submissions every three months.
- The Birdport Prize - Annual short fiction and poetry contest.
- Bristol Prize - Annual contest. Open to all genres and prizes for all genres!
- Lucid Hills Magazine - Frequent contests. Themes ranging from horror to non-fiction.




Nixon said...

Thank you for sharing useful list of writers resources...

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Marcel Admiraal said...

Thx, I'll be adding on to it as time passes, so check back every now and again.

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