December 14, 2011

Free Story: Macabre by Michael L. Kersting!

From below the Panama Canal comes tonight's short story of love, suspense and doom!

John Matthews is an architect who travels to Lima, Peru after his anthropologist wife goes missing. The last he's heard of her, she was travelling to the South American country to study a group of native indians, the Jivaros. Arriving at the Peruan capital, he quickly finds out the tribe is not always equally peace-loving. Helped by the local chief of police, he searches the jungle for his wife, only to come it's final and horrible conclusion.

Told with both feeling and a manly determination, Macabre breathes the atmosphere of the great mysteries and discoveries of the Pre-WW2 era. It somehow evokes the spirit of Indiana Jones coupled with the hard protagonists of Ernest Hemingway. Especially the chief of police Mr. Amerez is man who knows the dark side of his country and sometimes has to warn this grief-strucken American, is a wonderful antagonist.

Michael L. Kersting himself was born and raised in Guyana, South America. He knew from a young age he wanted to write and started his career as a writer for several newspapers. Since then he has published several volumes of poetry, flash fiction and short horror stories, most recently the horror collection ‘Room to Let’ which is available at He now lives and works in Ontario, Canada.

I hope you will enjoy this story as much as I did when I first read it and if you feel you could do with some extra publicity: my inbox in always open!

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