October 23, 2011

Arterial Red by Brian B. Baker

Bloody retribution!
Boy, are you in for a treat!

From the flashing lights of ol' Las Vegas, comes today's dark and bloody story of retribution, punishment and death. Author (and bartender) Brain B. Baker kindly permitted me to publish this on Floating Robes for everyone to enjoy.

After weeks of watching the house, the vampire Vincent finally decides to enter. He knows three people live in the house, but the eight-year old boy is the only one he cares about. He can hear him, hear him praying. And he can smell him, smell the dried blood on his skin from where his father hit him... If Vincent can find the father, he will dine tonight...

Told with a truly poetic swing, Brain B. Baker weaves an electrifying story of the worst in human nature and diabolical justice. The choice the young boy faces is equally chilling and understood. Vincent the Vampire is a wonderful devilish protagonist from whom, personally, I'd like to read more.

Keep an eye out for Mr. Baker!

Brian Baker's website

1 comment:

paulastewart55 said...

Great Story, intense, compassion

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