October 5, 2011

WTF Movie of the Week: Resolution!

Ahem, a moment of silence, please...


Small budget, hand-held
camera, true indie!
Every now and again we come across a movie trailer or a book cover that looks so promising that we can't keep thinking about it. Our every nerve and synapse is aching to know what this is all about and how this movie is going to end. Where is the writer going with this enormously cool idea?!

Such is the case with Resolution by Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead. It's the story about Michael who chains up his best buddy Chris in a deserted mountain cabin in an attempt to rid him of his drug addiction. Pretty soon, though, a mysterious stranger starts stalking the cabin in search of a 'story'. They two have no idea what this man is on about. But after a couple of days they start receiving small packages with photographs and film footage and the truth becomes painfully clear.

Hand-held camera and hardly any budget can make for some pretty lousy watching. But seeing the trailer, I have to agree that I'm very anxious to see how this turns out! Let me know if you agree.

Resolution Facebook Page


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