October 20, 2011

Book Review: The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon!

Perfect example of
This one was given to me by my wife on a trip to her family in Portugal. I kept it in my bookcase for a special occasion and our vacation this summer seemed to be just the thing. I read it in one week cover to cover. 

It's that good.

The story starts when the family of Max Carver moves from the city to a small village on the Mediteranean coast. The old and creaky house which they move into is scary enough and the small collection of home movies they find adds to the mystery, along with a garden full of tall, stone figures. Together with his new-found friend and his sister he slowly uncovers the drama that befell the former owners of the house. 

'The Prince of Mist' was originally published as a 'young adult'-book. It's written in short, terse sentences which makes it run like clockwork and there's not a word too many. The characters of the Max, his sister and his friend are very well rounded. Max's father is great as an eccentric watchmaker and dreamer. The story itself is a perfect whole with no loose ends to frustrate over. 

This is a perfect example of excellent story-telling.

I had never heard of the writer or the book, but a quick look at Wikipedia told me this book has been around since 1993 and has won several prizes and awards. All I can say is, it has earned everyone of them.

The only mystery here is why nobody has turned this into a movie... yet...

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