April 26, 2011

How to make a Book Cover!

Recently, I've been working on the launch of my first audio story 'Resurrection of a Broken Mind'! It'll be up here around next week for all of you to enjoy! 

With a new book comes a new book cover and this is where I got to endulge a little bit in my OTHER PASSION: PHOTOGRAPHY! Luckily, I found a WILLING MODEL to have herself made-up beyond recognition (her boyfriend seemed to enjoy the transformation). I also found a MAKE-UP ARTIST who could do the job! And the result, well, I'll let you decide for yourself.

Still enjoying all the attention!

Pucker up!

Watch... the... pencil...

Smear it?
But it was all nice and tight!

The final touch...

...and the end result.

Hope you liked this little 'Making of...' I'd like to thank Sandra Taborda who was a wizard with the powder and black coal. And of course Luminita Olteanu as my favorite scary person!

And for all the readers, please, do not hesitate to spread the word:

'Resurrection of a Broken Mind' available from Floating Robes from the beginning of May!
See you around!


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