April 11, 2011

A Message From Extra #34

Try ignore the strange animal
noises coming from the lab!

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? I hope so for this is the only chance I'll ever get!

My time is short and I need to get this out to the world before it runs out. I'm here stuck in a dark corridor. The lights just went off and I'm pretty sure that suddenly and without warning my life might end in a silent, yet dramatic way.

I never should have taken this job. My mother warned me. Oh, man, I should have listened to her! But then, I couldn't disappoint my wife. We need to eat, especially with the little on underway. The nursery is already done. We're gonna get a little boy. I couldn't let them down. So when I saw the add for 'Security Guard for Highly Secretive Laboratory' I applied. What else could I do?

The doctors are nice enough, especially the younger ones. The older ones are a little bit strange and don't say much. Most of them are bald, walk around hunchbacked and never speak above a faint whisper. They hardly ever notice the security guards, as if we do not matter.

We do the rounds, see if everything is safe and then we go back to the cantine for some donuts. Sometimes the receptionists are there. Mary is a pretty little thing and especially Mike likes to tease her a little bit. I guess he likes to do that with a lot of young women. He's a bit of a prick, but good enough. I think he's out in the Second Wing now. He got transferred just a week ago. Never heard from him again.

Others are Johnny, Fred and Paul. Fred is the oldest of us and he showed all of us the ropes. Here's the cantine, there are the donuts. Walk around the hallways, don't pay too much attention to the screams coming from the labs and whatever you do, never enter any of them! Just shine your flashlight around and close the door again. Especially the older doctors are very keen on privacy.

I don't know what they do here, exactly, I'm just Security Guard #34. But sometimes you read things in the newspaper, people talk at parties and when I say I work for Highly Secretive Laboratory, they either go into a big rant or stop talking to me at all. I know that what they're doing is not right, but we got to eat!

So when the protests started I tried not to pay attention. Only, it got bigger and bigger. My wife pleaded not to go in to work today, but I can't afford to loose this job. So I made my way past the protesters and got into work. The hallways are a little eerie, these days. All the doctors seemed to have left, the animals are going nuts in their cages and only me, Mary, Fred and Paul are left. Come to think of it, I haven't seen them neither.

And there's something in this hallway. All the lights are off, the animals scream so loud now I can barely think. But I know something is here. Wait, let me get my gun out.
"Hello?! Is somebody there!"

There, over there! In the corner of the hallway. I can hardly see its shape, but the eyes burn in the darkness. It growls. OMG, it must be one of the animals. It's gotten out!

It crawls around the ceiling, it's coming my way, people, this is it! I have to shoot it! There it comes!

Tell... everyone... my... name... is...



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