February 26, 2011

Free Sample Publication Day Countdown Nr.4: 'New Life'!

In nervous anticipation of the publication of my first collection of horror stories Beneath Dark Waters, I'm releasing a sample a day from each story!

Today: New Life

There are many things in Max' life that upset him: his school, his family, even his friends, sometimes. He has this girl in his biology class he wants to get close to, but doesn't know how. He needs to get good grades and he needs to stop being such a prick to his parents. Sometimes he takes some time for himself, and the odd cigarette, in a small abandoned woodland area. It is here that he finds an egg, bigger than any other egg he's ever seen. Soon the egg becomes his private secret and he can't wait for it to hatch. But when it does, it might show him more than he wanted...

Written while my soon-to-be-wife was on holiday to Milan with her sister, I took the weekend to patch up an old story of mine. The idea of this came to me many, many, many years ago and I've written countless versions which never got anywhere. Max came to me when a friend of mine told me he knew beforehand what an asshole he was going to be when puberty hit him. Like my friend, Max loves his parents and he rightly doesn't understand why he has to behave like such a prick. I like to think that it is this that the previous versions were missing. Enjoy!

Check out the sample below:

Tomorrow: On a night filled with evil!

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