February 28, 2011

Free Sample Publication Day Countdown Nr.2: 'The Bar Sinister'!

In nervous anticipation of the publication of my first collection of horror stories Beneath Dark Waters, I'm releasing a sample a day from each story!

Today: The Bar Sinister

After traveling all his young life, Edward, now 30-something, settles down in his provincial hometown. One night, after a day of unpacking boxes and settling into his new home, he decides to go for a drink in the local bar and write about his adventures.
Although the bar is a run-down dark pub without much in the way of decoration, it gets quite full as the evening goes on. Edward notices the strange attire of some of the guests and is definitely disgusted by the men sitting at the bar and looking like they've been sitting there forever. Slowly, he comes to realize that the bar is more than what it seems and that a terrible tragedy took place in his absence.

This was one of the later stories for Beneath Dark Waters. I wanted to incorporate the coming-home to the countryside, because it gives a new perspective on the place. One tends to see things differently after traveling for many years. Some things are better than remembered, some things are worst. It also deals with the changes a small town goes through, changes that are not always apparent at first, but that will be soon enough...

Check out the sample below:

Tomorrow:What Hides in the High Grass!

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