March 1, 2011

Last Free Publication Day Countdown Sample 'What Hides in the High Grass'!

Artwork by Bhim Boyer.
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In nervous anticipation of the publication of my first collection of horror stories Beneath Dark Waters, I'm releasing a sample a day from each story!

Today: What Hides in the high grass

Some would say Sebastian is a simple soul. He's the helping hand at an agricultural farm, lives in a small house at the edge of the village and generally loves his life. He's an uncomplicated man who understands nature a lot better than he does the people around him.
One fine summer's evening, he walks along the long roads on his way home and as he walks, monsters follow him closely in the darkness...

This is one of my personal favorites. I thought this one up while walking home one evening and spotting a small group of rowdy youngsters on the corner. The character of Sebastian sort of happened more than me thinking it up. He's a very lovable, simple character. You can't help but like him. His positive, albeit naive outlook on life is very endearing. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it!

Check out the sample below:
Tomorrow: Publication Day!

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