March 17, 2011

Random Cool Things I've Found During My Four Day Sick Leave!

Jake, the Evil Hare
is featured further down!
After spending the last week basically lying in bed, blubbering all over the place and writing some things and crossing them out again... what? Yes, I still write longhand. Want to make something of it? No? That's what I thought...

Anyway, when you're sick you go through a lot of this existentialistic, philosophical crap and you find yourself using the Internet to see if some people feel the same. ACTUALLY, THEY DON'T! While you're withering away in a bathrobe, watching the business news and wondering if that bag of chips you found in the cupboard four days ago still needs to be eaten, other people have lives! And they do some cool stuff, sometimes!
So, I'd like to share some of the things that I've found during my four-day quest for entertainment:

First of all always needs to be Lloyd and the Bear. This is one COOL comic, with capital C.O.O.L! It deals with Lloyd, who is a kid and not a very bright one at that, and his bear. Now the bear is actually an alien from the planet Bur. One day Lloyd and his bear get kidnapped by these other aliens and that's when the fun starts. Next to the cool style of drawing, Gibson really knows how to combine the simple with the beautiful. Although definitely not a children story, Lloyd and the Bear always has this really nice innocent feeling to it and a high 'AAAWWW'-factor.

Jake, the Evil Hare I've known only since, like, you know, last week or so, it's rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Jake is a hare who is basically made evil, I mean, A REAL BASTARD, as a result of genetic engineering, of course. But now he has turned his back on his evil ways and tries to make it as a super hero. Of course, sometimes you need a big chunk of EVIL to do a little good... and sometimes you're just being framed. Besides this deliciously funny premise, the comic has some real story-telling merits, doing the character justice and even giving him some depth. As far as I'm concerned, Jake is well on its way to become a modern classic.

Seeing My Little Cthulhu for the first time, I couldn't believe my eyes! Of course, this is completely lost on those of you NOT familiar with the great works of H.P. Lovecraft, so you should go to HORROR SCHOOL first. But for the ones, like me, who have a permanent shelf in their bookcase reserved for his stories (sad, ain't it), this is one cool site. They actually have a Glow-in-the-Dark Cthulhy, complete with victims! How can you do anything but smile that evil smile...

Technically not very evil, but very funny is Everyday Blues! A simple daily comic about breaking up, love, sex and all those things that make us feel like one of those weak humans. Read it in the morning with a cup of coffee and you won't be drinking it; you'll be hiccuping. The tagline reads: 'It's better to be bitter.' How can you pass that up?

Well, I guess that's it, folks. I found one cool thing every day while I was sick. Could be worse. When I'm at work whole weeks go by without me finding one cool thing. So my life hasn't been so bad lately.

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