March 7, 2011

Spring Rant: Out, out, OUT with the beasties!

With the launch of Beneath Dark Waters behind us and the rest of my career ahead of me, I did a nice spring cleaning. New template, new logo bar, new lay-out, new stories, new opportunities, new EVERYTHING! Hope you like it.

Aaah, spring, don't you love it? The snow melts, everything is grey and soggy before it turns green again, horny birds are tweeting incessantly and of course there's the obligatory no-I-don't-need-a-coat-look-at-the-sun-out-there-cold. Yes, the one cold a year that comes always for me and that pisses me off something awful, because IT'S MY OWN DAMN FAULT!

So yesterday I went running without my nice ultra-light raincoat on and for the next couple of days I'm paying the price. My head's clogged up, I'm sneezing uncontrollably, spraying mucus every-fricking-where and going around the house in my pyama cursing at the cats. And then come the comments:
"Well, I told you to put a jacket on." Damn girlfriend.

Well, I'll tell you something people. After three months of rain and snow and ice and frosty air and split lips and vampire days of coming to and going from work in the damn darkness, I'm GLAD! G.L.A.D!
Glad I went out without my jacket, glad I took a little too long to view the countryside in all it's Renaissance splendor and glad I listened to the birds tweeting in the trees. And if two days of sitting at home and feeling like shit are the price to pay, then SO BE IT!

I'm not sorry I leave tissues all over the place, not sorry I watch every episode of Fringe in rapid succession and not sorry I'm asleep at one o'clock in the afternoon only to wake up from near-asphyxiation by three. And you know why? Because, IT WAS WORTH IT!


And to celebrate this, here's a little video I have to make due with since I can't go out and listen to the real thing:

Happy Spring, everybody!

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