May 20, 2011

Care for some publicity? Submit your story! Win a book!

...or at least a chance to show
what you can do!
For those of you checking my blog regularly, you have noticed the publication I did of Harris Tobias' excellent story 'Owl Head Lake'. If you've missed it, click here!

I'd like to make this a regular thing. So here's A CALL TO ALL TRULY CREATIVE WRITERS! I'll be looking for short stories or flash fiction with roots in horror and/or fantasy. That also means subgenres like urban horror, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, magic realism and everything else that falls into the cracks.

This could mean a BIT OF TRAFFIC to your blog, a chance of GETTING YOUR NAME OUT THERE or just nice to GET SOME ATTENTION.

No strings attached, stories will be offered for free reading and I'll do some editing where needed. So take that story that's been sitting on your shelf for a while, dust it off and send it over. Publication will also mean a small feature, so tell me a bit about yourself and add a link to your blog or site.

The five best submissions will be WINNING A FREE COPY of my short story collection 'Beneath Dark Waters'! If you're one of them I will e-mail you at once!

Submissions can be made to info<at>!

Hope to see you all there and don't forget to keep writing!



Robin said...

Well, I'll bite! Is there a deadline, and in what format would you like the story sent to you?

Marcel Admiraal said...

Good for you! There is no deadline, really. I'd like the format in .doc or .odt.

Don't worry, I just keep this blog to further the advance of self-publishing authors and good creative writing.

Looking forward to it!


†Bed of Brimstone† said...

How cool. I guess I have to brush off some stuff and finish them so I can submit.

Thanks for blog rolling me too!

Marcel Admiraal said...

Hey, you're welcome.

Yeah, brush off that story and send it in! I'll be looking forward to it!


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