May 1, 2011

Resurrection of a Broken Mind out now!

Out now!
Whoompf! There it is!

My very first audio story is out now! Resurrection of a Broken Mind is available for only $0,99! It's a 50 minutes horror story narated by Alan Ballany and written by myself!

It centers around Peter Holleweg, a reclusive young man who tries to make the best of his life since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. When, one night, his house is wrecked by a derailed train, he starts to understand the source of the apparitions that plagued him for the past years.

For a sample of the book, watch the video on the right!

I will be posting more audio stories in the future. I love to see my characters come alive and working with the narators is great fun! All of them will be posting right here, on Floating Robes! So hit that 'Follow' button and don't miss a thing!


Resurrection of a Broken Mind - $ 0,99
Buy Now


†Bed of Brimstone† said...

Hello Marcel,

Just listened to your sampling and I must say I am an audio book virgin. I think it is a brilliant idea to move into this kind of media. Maybe do an entire collection in one book. Btw, love the accent! He should do Jack the Ripper or Invisible Man. He has that kind of 'period style' voice. Your story definitely invokes a surreal atmosphere. Now my interest has more than peaked for audio books :)

Thanks for sharing.


Marcel Admiraal said...

Hey hey, glad you enjoyed it! Keep checking back because I got two more in the running. I definitely want to move forward with this. It's immensly enjoyable to listen to your characters coming alive.


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