May 17, 2011

Free Story: Owl Head Lake by Harris Tobias!

Actually Onama Lake, Japan
by Michael Kenna
In the category 'Other people do cool stuff, too' we have today Harris Tobias. He's a writer, living and working in Virginia, USA. His stories tends to go towards the absurdly humourous with a big slant towards sci-fi or horror. He was previously published in E-Fiction, Vox Poetica and The Calliope Nerve. His novel 'The Greer Agency' is out now! You can read all about him on his blog

Owl Head Lake

Monty, a disgruntled lawyer goes to spend a few days of solitude on the banks of Owl Head Lake. He's been there before; it's enjoyable. Still, when he arrives and finds the previous campers leaving, he finds out that the old wives tales about the lake might have more truth in them than previously imagined...


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